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OUR COMPANY delivers 24/7 real time remote monitoring and analysis of drilling data and converting them into information needed in the decision making process.  This involves data quality control and early detection of symptoms indicating potential drilling problems and adverse long term trends that contribute to sub-optimal drilling rates.

We provide the experts to monitor remotely from our DART (Data Analysis in Real Time) Center.  At the client's request, monitoring can be arranged to occur at their office. 

We use your existing software to view and extract data for analysis, otherwise we will use our partner's visualization interface.  Our team of professionals are adaptive to the common monitoring platforms widely used in the industry


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Technical Training on Basic/Advanced Mudlogging, Well Operations, Data Engineering & Interpretation using intelligent softwares. 


Drilling Analysts will provide experts to monitor remotely from their DART (Data Analysis in Real Time) Center their visualization, monitoring and data management solutions, along with eDrilling's state of the art real time drilling and well performance software solutions.

We pull data for analysis from your current WITSML vendor/provider and use your existing user interface for visualization/display.  If you don't have a user interface for display then we will use our standard inhouse softwares provided by our partners.  Our engineers were trained specifically for our inhouse softwares, although our team of professionals are adaptive to the common monitoring platforms widely used in the industry. 

For realtime visualization we are using eDrilling's wellAhead, an interactive software combining data and information gathered from various drilling modules.

For automated analysis, monitoring and alerting of drilling inefficiency trends and symptoms leading to NPT/ILT we integrate DataCloud's Drillytics / Drillmetrics into wellAhead.  This automates sending relevant advice and best practices directly to the driller processed from realtime symptomatic drilling algorithms.

Drilling Analysts and eDrilling announce partnership to provide solutions for real time drilling excellence


Drilling Analysts has teamed up with eDrilling to further help upstream customers drill wells safer, quicker, and cheaper.  Drilling Analysts provides 24/7 monitoring and analysis of real-time drilling data for early detection and recognition of the symptoms of NPT/ILT and conditions adversely affecting ROP.

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eDrilling is a world leading provider of drilling and well performance solutions that helps E&P companies, operators, and service companies to save cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations. eDrilling has, under their suite of products, built-for-purpose drilling simulation training software with unparalleled levels of realism to actual drilling scenarios.

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Provides clients with technologically advanced, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Develops sensors and measurement algorithms, and integrate proven technologies into solutions to deliver reliable Mud Flow and Mud Weight information from difficult measurement locations, earliest indicators of wellbore anomalies, kicks, or losses allowing timely loss prevention, consistent fluid and gas sampling and gas detection environment toward high quality formation evaluation, controlled automatic wellbore creation establishing best production conditions.

CEP Analytics  was formed to create products useful for analyzing large streaming datasets in real-time and producing expert human interpretation according to available data. DRILLYTICS was developed to focus on data-intense oilfield drilling operations, maximize realtime drilling performance with automatic, intelligent analytics,  automate sending relevant advice and best practices directly to the driller, drive drilling efficiency and benchmark trends across rigs, sections and crews as data is analyzed in realtime.

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Houston, August 2, 2016 - eDrilling and Drilling Analysts today announced their parnership that will help E&P companies create significant value during drilling operations
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